All villas feature a private pool outside each bedroom plus indoor and outdoor living areas. In villa dining is available with traditional room service, but additionally a selected set of menus is also available which can be tailored to individual tastes and then prepared by our chefs in the privacy of your villa.
    Full kitchen facilities are provided in each villa with a pantry stocked with selected gourmet goods. But 24 hour room service is also available.
    The resort also offers a choice of two restaurants, one being a breakfast club which is available for early risers but remains open right through to “Brunch Time.” Plus a second specialty restaurant offering the finest cuisine in Nha Trang.
    Both restaurants offer stunning views of Nha Trang Bay and its surroundings and a choice of indoor or outdoor dining.
    A fully stocked bar is provided in each villa, but cocktails are also available from our public area pool bar and Lounge Area.
    Keystone features two pools in the public areas. One large indoor lap pool and a second infinity edge pool on the level above, with a pool bar available to serve all your favourite cocktails
  • Gym
    Keystone features a techno gym in a flexible, modular gym environment which satisfies both occasional gym-goers and those who wish to keep up with their fitness goals wherever they travel. Fitted out with professional equipment and enhanced by interactive technologies, the gym provides a highly personalised experience for all owners and guests.
  • Wellness
    Our state-of-the-art health and wellness center offers treatments available in most spas. But The Keystone Wellness Centre goes one step further by designing personalized treatments where guests can experience almost immediate results. These treatments can include facials, detox, beauty & cleansing etc. but these and other treatments are formulated specifically to demonstrate the desired results after treatments are concluded.
  • Gallery
    A chic gallery will stock all the necessities of life for holiday travellers.
  • Lounge
    A small lounge area close to reception, overlooking the bay, will offer a degree of solitude for those who wish to relax with a good book supplemented by Keystone’s signature cocktails
  • Conference Area
    Keystone offers a small, but private meeting area ideal for executive conferences or board meetings
  • Getting Around
    Golf Buggies are on hand to transport guests to and from their villas at any hour of the day or night.
  • Excursion & Tour Center
    Staffed by local experts on the area in and around Nha Trang, our excursion center can arrange scheduled and tailor made tours to all local attraction